Small wrinkles, stretch marks, and veining are common in the leather upholstered sofa as they age. They aren’t considered flaws because it can take up to three hides to manufacture one sofa. However, in order to keep its natural beauty, leather must be well maintained. Here are some suggestions and strategies to make your leather furniture last a long time.

1.Regular Cleaning

This may appear to be one of the most apparent duties in keeping your leather sofas in good condition, yet many people overlook it. Weekly leather care is essential for a healthy-looking grain. A gentle vacuuming with a soft brush can maintain the pores clear of dust and debris particles, as would an occasional wipe with a bit of damp, clean cloth.

2.Don’t Allow Stains to Set

Although fabric couches are more likely to damage than leather sofas, any spillage that could ruin the leather upholstery sofa should be cleaned immediately. Spills may usually be cleaned before they stain the leather by blotting the area with a dry cloth, eliminating the need for further cleaning solutions. Some stains, like grease or oil, may require professional removal rather than rubbing the leather, which may cause severe harm.

3.Avoid Using Harsh Cleaning Products

When cleaning leather furniture, many individuals make the mistake of using too much water and soap. Instead of cleansing the surface, this might actually disintegrate it and hasten the cracking and breaking process. Strong solvents, such as ammonia, are especially harmful to leather and should never be used. Only apply a non-abrasive leather conditioner once every 6-12 months.

4.Avoid Direct Sunlight and Extreme Heat

Leather, like your skin, can be destroyed by exposure to sunshine and hot temperatures. Place your sofa away from windows and radiators to avoid excessive discoloration and cracking. For the best protection, you should cover your leather sofa with a throw.

We hope that this blog gives you some insights into how you can clean and preserve your leather sofa. If you are looking for a high-quality leather upholstery sofa or other furniture, you can always contact us.